S-100a, - Section 21 - Equipment & Accessories

Section 21 - Equipment, MK3 Pump

    Section 21
  • 21 - Equipment - Mk3 Wildfire Pump
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Below is a diagram of a standard MK3 High Pressure Fire Pump. This pump is manufactured by Wildland Fire, formerly, Wajax. There are some important points and safety issues with these and all pumps.

  • Ensure correct fuel mix (24:1)
  • Ensure WHMIS label is on fuel tank (tank is not shown below)
  • Do not set pump in tall, dry grasses where hot muffler can start a fire. Be careful of not getting burned on the hot muffler
  • Pump must have water (primed) before starting
  • Ensure Over Rev Cut Out switch is pushed in and NEVER jam or tie this switch in the On (running) position

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