Brief Profile Course Management & Doug Richardson


Course Design and Management

This online web based course is aimed at the forest worker (this includes treeplanters) who are NOT hired to fight wildland fires.

The course will cover most routine situations and emergency situations the forest worker may encounter. The intent of the course is to pass on safety related information which will help keep the worker, safe and well.

It is expected the online delivery of this course will be approximately 1/2 to 1 hour of reading for the client.

In regards to the wildland fire component, the focus will be on; the use of the radio to report a fire and the use of the crew vehicles for evacuation to pre-designated safe zones. (which may be all the way back to town)

The course will also include an exam at the end (similar to the S-100A exam at,

It should be understood that this course is NOT intended for any forest worker who may be employed to light piles or slash fires in the course of their work.

An email letter can be immediately sent to the client advising them of their completion and that their "recognition" of the course will be temporary for X time period. (A more formal letter and card can then be mailed after payment or payment arrangements have been made - again, very similar to the online S-100A course.)

It is understood that at this time this worker safety course is not a W.C.B. requirement.

It is understood that at this moment there may be some changes to the original requirement that ALL forestry workers must have the S-100 course and thus the annual S-100A refresher course.

It is felt that no business or industry should be held to "the only kid in town" regarding this training. Therefore - An instructor's kit including an instructor's manual, student workbook and exam will be produced and available at a nominal cost for any company or individual on request. It should also be noted that the material for this online based course is standard, off-the shelf, knowledge, but just compiled into a compressed and useful format for the client to study and learn from.

It should also be noted that I would be interested in working closely with, John Betts and / or his designate to compile the necessary material for this course.

Doug Richardson

I attended my first forest fire in 1964 and last one in 2003. I have done a wide variety of activities throughout my career; as listed below.

- B.C. Forest Service, Ranger Staff
- Professional Driver; Driving Instructor; Defensive Driving Instructor
- Developed "Backroad Safety & Wilderness Survival" one day course for University College of the Cariboo (U.C.C.) (Now TRU University)
- Contract work for Tourism B.C.
- Managed a resort and ranch in the Cariboo
- Ministry of Forests, full time and auxiliary employee in Protection - wide variety of jobs and functions; Incident Commander, Logistics Chief, Fire Investigation, Training, Prevention, Air Operation's Specialist; are a few
- Owned and operated Fire-Tech Management Ltd. for 9 years. This company operated large fire camps, formal camp security, conducted a large amount of training to forestry workers and First Nations Bands.
- Taught Nicola Valley Institute's Fire Management Program
- Delivered three, six week Forestry Supervisor Courses for UCC in an outreach program
- Certified Infrared Thermographer and taught Aerial Infrared Scanning to Ministry of Forest's staff
- Delivered multiple Wildland Fire & Interface courses to volunteer fire services (many in the Cranbrook, Nelson, and Castlegar areas

Currently consulting to First Nations Bands, Designing and building websites, (Webmaster - researching the integration of forestry and fire related training to online web course applications