Useful and Interesting LINKS

Below you will find a variety of links to many fire related web sites. We have no control over these web sites in respect to content or currency but we do check them often and will remove outdated sites. We encourage you to take a look at these sites.


Grade 5, Mia's great Home Safety Links
For our U.K. friends, Discount Supply Fire Alarms

Disaster Emergency Preparedness - Disaster emergency preparedness training at Philanthrope organization by Dr. Angeli Qwatra. We regularly conduct workshops, seminars, conferences, training programmes, awareness campaigns and consultations that educate participants on how to deal with urgent medical emergencies.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus - Dalmatian Fire Equipment, Inc. is the largest supplier of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus in North America. We buy used breathing equipment, and fully refurbish each unit to the highest safety standards.

Last Logos - Fantastic web site for Fire Prevention and Promotional Products.
"California Teachers" An online Professional Development site.
Description: Professional Development and Continuing Education courses for teachers. Find online CEUs.
Ministry of Forests, Protection Program of British Columbia
This site has links to many fire related resources.
Check out this great site in the UK that has a ton of fire and emergency related supplies for the home or office.

Fire Chief's Association of British Columbia

Volunteer Fire Fighter's Association of British Columbia
Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) of British Columbia
Government of Canada Emergency 72 Hour Home Preparation Guide
Rainbird Sprinkler Systems
U.S. Wildland Fire Site
Excellent Wildland Fire Photos
Fire Break Canada's Interface Unique Fire Prevention System
An excellent link to world wide "Fire Fighting News"
Wildfire Equipment Main Home
Work Safe B.C. (W.C.B.)

More Resources