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Doug attended his first forest fire in 1964 and began a formal career with the B.C. Forest Service in 1968. Although Doug did not remain full time with the Forest Service, he has been involved with forest fires, and training extensively to the present time. Doug has been an Air Operation’s Specialist, Incident Commander, Logistics Chief, and Fire Prevention Officer.

Doug owned and operated Fire-Tech Management Ltd. for several years. He is a certified Infrared Thermographer, and specialized in industrial and aerial infrared fire scanning and training. Doug has taught and facilitated many fire and forestry supervisor type of courses to hundreds of forestry workers. He is owner of DRAM Ventures Inc.

A belief and strong desire to assist the firefighters in today’s fire service industry have led to the creation of this web site.


Our vision is to help emergency responding agencies and individuals, worldwide, to improve their response techniques and procedures in order to help reduce life and property loss.

This site is dedicated to the thousands of emergency responders, both men and women, who have and continue to put their lives in harms way as a matter of “just doing their job”. – And we must not forget the thousands of “behind the scenes”, workers who, without their assistance, the front-line emergency responders would not be able to operate.

Doug Richardson

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