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British Columbia

Below is a link to the Province of B.C.'s website and Wildfire Service information page that contains the detailed Danger Class Ratings for all Fire Centres and weather stations in B.C.  

Some directions that may help you:

  1. Click on the LINK  below (you may see the Kamloops Fire Centre stations)
  2. Scroll to bottom of the that page and just below the list of stations find "Select another region"  Click on that.
  3. You are now looking at a coloured map of B.C.; an explanation of what the Danger Class Ratings mean; what a Danger Class Report is; AND at the bottom, a list of the other Fire Centres.  
  4. IMPORTANT:  If you need to see a map of where the stations are located and their Lats and Longs, then you need to click on the photo (title is "Fire Weather") of a sky/cloud to the right of the B.C. Map.  ...or click on the small text below it.  Where it says "Check weather conditions in B.C."   ALSO - at the very bottom of the page, on the right, there is another link in small text "weather station location"  This will also take you to step #5.
  5. You are now at a page that has some interesting data regarding the weather conditions across B.C.  ... but you are not at your location info just yet.  Scroll down and you will see another list of the various Fire Centres.  Click on the one you need.  ALSO - just above the lest of Fire Centres - on the right, is another link "interactive map of the weather station locations."  This shows you all the stations in B.C.  There you will find the Lats and Longs and you may be able to get directions.  (General)
  6. Experiment a bit with what you require and the best way for you, to "get there".  

NOTE:  It is not necessarily the closest station to your work location but the one that is most typical in forest type to your location that you need to monitor.  Monitoring more than one is also a good idea.   

It is suggested you keep daily records from the weather stations you are using.


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