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Glossary of Terminology, Acronyms & Intialisms


A campfire is a fire for cooking, warmth or ceremonial purposes.  A fire in a stove that uses gas, propane or briquiettes isnot considered to bdea campfire.

Danger Tree

A live or dead tree whose trunk, root system or branches have deteriorated or been damaged to such an extent as to be a potential danger to human safety.

Fire Rank

In British Columbia - a numerical value used to communicate a summarized assessment of fire behaviour.


One hectare is 10,000 square meters (10,000 m2) and equivalent to 2.471 acres.

Interface Fire

Interface fires are fires that have the potential to involve buildings and wildland fuels or vegetation simultaneously.

Spot Fire

A spot fire is one that is less than 0.01 hectares (10 meters by 10 meters)

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