Incident Command System
I - 100 Introductory Course

Course Outline

Overview & Objectives

  • Self-study
  • Brief History
  • Definition
  • Examples


  • Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Main Components of ICS
  • ICS Roles and Command Functions - Command Structure & Flow Charts
  • General Staff Functions
  • ICS Facilities and Identification Symbols
  • Common Responsibilities

Short Quiz and Certificate upon successful completion (80%)

This course may be a stand-a-lone learning course or it may be used as part of a "Blended" course.  

(Blended - this course addresses the theory and your SUPERVISOR, COMPANY, or ORGANIZATION, may wish to also conduct a portion of this training in a classroom / boardroom setting)  Having your workers complete this online course may save considerable training time in a formal workplace.

This course may also be used as an excellent review for anyone planning on taking further training and advanced ICS courses.

As you can see, there are several options with regards to how you may benefit the most from this thorough online ICS - 100 Introductory Course.

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