S-100A, Part Five - Section 21, Equipment & Accessories


    Section 21
  • 21 - Equipment - Mk3 Wildfire Pump

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Section 21 - Equipment, MK3 Pump

Below is a diagram of a standard MK3 High Pressure Fire Pump. This pump is manufactured by Wildland Fire, formerly, Wajax. There are some important points and safety issues with these and all pumps.

  • Ensure correct fuel mix (24:1)
  • Ensure WHMIS label is on fuel tank (tank is not shown below)
  • Do not set pump in tall, dry grasses where hot muffler can start a fire. Be careful of not getting burned on the hot muffler
  • Pump must have water (primed) before starting
  • Ensure Over Rev Cut Out switch is pushed in and NEVER jam or tie this switch in the On (running) position

You may find the above chart useful if you wish to calculate how long you can pump out of a limited water source.  (i.e. water truck or portable bladder)


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