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S-130 & S-190 Wildland Fire Annual Safety Refresher Course

We Must Never Forget

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Every day - give thanks to those firefighters who have fallen and to those who continue to rescue and save the lives of so many people, animals and property.


If you wish to continue in the footsteps of the many "heroes" before you, then respect your instructors, team leaders, fellow firefighters, and ALL the safety rules and orders that you learn.  Let the "fallen" at least have the "dignity" that they have not passed over in vain.  

If this above video helps make you a better and safer firefighter then maybe the "fallen" did not "lose the battle" in vain and the producers of the video will have accomplished a goal of helping you and your fellow firefighters to be safe.

Bless your souls and be safe.  

... come home tonight .. with no shame ... and no sorrow...


Wildland firefighting gets "in the blood" so-to-speak.  A short stint or a full-on career in this field can be very rewarding and truly character building.  

  • Be humble, throw away the "attitude" and the "rambo" approach.
  • There is no tree, forest, or home worth any person's life. 

Be safe, be well, and enjoy a very potentially rewarding and exciting career.

Doug, Course Administrator

Wildland Fire Management Consultant / Instructor / Webmaster 

This course is specifically designed for wildland firefighters working in the United States of America although any wild land firefighter from anywhere in the world may possibly benefit by completing this online course.


The nominal fee for this extensive, annual safety refresher certification is only $45.00 US.


NOTE - Each State and wildland firefighting agency may have their own annual refresher certification standards. You should get approval from your agency before taking this course in order to have formal recognition of this course with your agency.

... having said that, if your agency does not approve this course for formal certification, we have priced it to be low enough to warrant your completing this course as an excellent study and preview to your agency's approved course.  

(you will automatically receive a certificate of completion when you finish this course)


Thank you for taking a look at this program and please feel free to send us feedback.


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DO NOT COPY - ALL contents - Copyright Protected

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