Successful WHMIS Implementation requires co-operation and input from the EMPLOYEE & EMPLOYER

The following eight steps are involved

  1. Assign responsibility for program implementation.
  2. Set up an inventory to determine all hazardous products in the workplace.
  3. Ensure all labelling and MSDS requirements are fulfilled.
  4. Determine the hazards of controlled products in the workplace.
  5. Establish workplace controls.
  6. Establish emergency procedures.
  7. Provide worker education
  8. Review and upgrade your program when required.


We wish to acknowledge and thank all organizations and persons for creating, and the use of all videos and photos on this web site.

REMEMBER There are two parts to the WHMIS program.

1. Classroom or Theory Part - EDUCATION (this online course is an example)

2. On the work-site training - IMPLEMENTATION Training which your boss, supervisor or designated person, MUST deliver to you prior to working on the job.

A few of the Key Issues at your workplace are;

  • what "controlled" products might you be working with
  • where is the safety equipment kept
  • what are the company emergency procedures
  • where is the MSDS information kept