ICS 100 Introduction Course - Outline

1.0 Course Overview & Objectives
2.0 Introduction to the Incident Command (management) System
3.0 Main Components of ICS
4.0 IC Roles and Command Functions
5.0 General Section Staff Functions
6.0 ICS Facilities and Identification
7.0 Common Responsibilities
8.0 Short Quiz

General Staff

The four General Staff command units are:

  1. Operations
  2. Planning
  3. Logistics
  4. Finance & Administrations

… are all referred to as SECTION CHIEFS

… and all four General Staff Section Chiefs report to the I.C.

1. Operations

"…where the boots hit the ground - or the front line" 

  • perform duties as given from the I.C.          / Command.
  • advise Command as to what actions are recommended
  • give input to the I.A.P. (Incident Action Plan
  • oversee Air-Operations if there is one
  • usually the first Section to be established
  • sets goals to mitigate and end incident
  • develops an action plan for field operations
  • organizes and coordinates all tactics to achieve the planned goals
  • supervises all resources assigned to the section
  • usually has the majority of resources
  • Air-Operations usually in this section
  • has staging area(s)
  • has heli-base
  • inputs for Incident Action Plan (IAP)
  • relies heavily on support from other General Staff
  • may have sub-ordinate Divisions, Branches and Groups

2. Planning 

"gatherer" of information

dispersal of information / intelligence

  • track personnel and equipment times for rotation purposes
  • obtain and create necessary maps
  • obtain and communicate current and expected weather information to I.C. and all components of ICS
  • gather local intelligence information for dispersal to I.C. / Command
  • a communicator to disperse "gathered" information
  • inputs and physically produces Incident Action Plan (IAP)  
  • inputs and physically produces Demobilization Plan
  • creates visual resource status (i.e. bulletin boards, white boards, charts, spreadsheets)
  • provides document  "print"  services
  • is usually the location of incident "specialists" (i.e. weather specialist, fire specialist)
  • Demobilization Unit 
  • may have sub-ordinate Divisions, Branches and Groups

3. Logistics

Provides all support services

Some examples could be, security personnelfoodlodgingbulldozersambulancescommissary, etc. 

Note:  Aircraft are usually in a Branch of Operations

  • looks after and oversees the resource procurement function that may be required 
  • makes arrangements to maintain, repair or replace resources 
  • makes arrangements for the well being of all ICS personnel  
  • food, accommodation
  • all ground transportation (personnel) (i.e. car rentals, bus, etc.)
  • arranges all travel arrangements for incoming or outgoing personnel and equipment
  • all transportation (equipment)
  • establishes and supports communications system
  • procures all necessary supplies as requested (i.e. heavy equipment, trucks, busses, special tools, offices, buildings, medical, emergency transportation vehicles, engines (fire trucks), etc.)
  • establishes and supports all medical operations
  • may have sub-ordinate Divisions, Branches and Groups

4. Finance & Administration (Admin.)

  • may have sub-ordinate Divisions, Branches and Groups
  • looks after all aspects of the financial requirements for the incident  
  • contracts and hire agreements are negotiated and written up
  • wage rates and payment are dealt with as are the
  • costs of food lodging,
  • all equipment and personnel costs
    manages the physical facilities which will include the command centre, camps, etc.
On the ICS Flow Chart there are four "boxes" or functions below the Incident Commander. What is this group called?
A. Deputy Assistants
B. General Staff
C. Group Directors
In regards to the above question - what are the names of these four "functions"?
A. Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance & Admin
B. Liaison, Deputy Assistant, Safety, First Aid
"...where the boots hit the ground..." is in what Section?
A. Finance & Admin
B. Logistics
C. Operations
D. Planning
What Section would arrange for transportation?
A. Finance & Admin
B. Logistics
C. Operations
D. Planning
What title would you give the person heading up the Operations Section?
A. Operation's Boss
B. Operation's Director
C. Operation's Chief
D. Operation's Unit Chief

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